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Over the last two decades, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Yet, the growth across industries in India is uneven and its exports may be stagnating or even declining in some segments. In short, India's growth story needs to be analyzed in depth in order to draw meaningful insights, especially while taking strategic decisions to enter India or Indian markets.

India's business-to-business (B2B) market scenario is no different - in fact, it is more complex and fast changing. Most companies in India have to deal with a large number of widely dispersed, small scale industry (SSI) customers with varying needs; trade channels, who cater to these SSIs and other customers, too are predominantly small scale, unorganized sector traders; in addition, many B2B markets in India are characterized by numerous SSI competitors - many of whom enjoy tax / duty exemption based competitive advantage; further, data regarding SSIs in many industries is either not available, incomplete or simply unreliable and finally, while most industries have been decontrolled at the Central Government level - from industrial licensing - monitoring of regulatory environment, nevertheless, is still a necessity in the Indian context. Thus, in the Indian context, the need for B2B marketing research cannot be emphasized more!

Our firm, B2B Consulting Services, Chennai India has considerable experience and expertise in conducting different types of B2B MR Studies in India. We specialize in researching B2B markets in India and provide research and facilitation services to clients in India and overseas in industry sectors such as auto components, ceramics, consumer durables, engineering, inorganic chemicals, services and water treatment systems. In addition to B2B marketing research studies, we offer other B2B Marketing related services such as Training and facilitation as well as IT services in B2B marketing. Our senior consultants have been involved in researching Indian B2B markets for the last two decades. This team is led by our Managing Partner Mr. K Jaikumar and is advised and guided by an experienced leadership team. We believe in working closely with each of our clients, understanding their requirements and providing them detailed data and actionable, strategic recommendations.

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